A hypermedia remembering


Indelible examines notions of memory, remembering and representation within a movement and performance research context. Its content, presented on a cross-platform DVD-ROM, is both poetic and scholarly and addresses various key issues of contemporary performance making: documentation, liveness, and practice-led methodologies. It is a reflective and painstakingly thorough response to the difficulties and possibilities of presenting and doing practice as research, and as such, is an invaluable resource for performance makers and artists working and researching within or alongside academic contexts.

Indelible is now available for download for Mac or PC platforms:

– Mac OS X download (PPC only or Intel Macs running Rosetta on Leopard or Snow Leopard) skellis.net/hypermedia/Indelible.dmg [dmg file, 2.34GB]. Please note that the Video and Writing components will work just fine on Intel Macs running Lion or Mountain Lion. Only the Interactive component will not work on recent (post July 2011) Macs. I am working on a fix.

– Windows XP download: skellis.net/hypermedia/Indelible.zip [zip file, 2GB]

If you have any questions, please email me: se@skellis.net


Indelible is a performance and dance research project. It has three outcomes or pathways, presented on DVD-ROM, via which the user-reader can experience multi-modal perspectives on remembering, memory, and representing performative ideas, events and actions. These pathways are video, writing and interactive and together they form a series of hypermedia framings by which the corporeal and philosophical underpinnings of the project are witnessed. The research is considered to be practice-led, in which my practice consists of choreographic strategies, physical actions, media-based processes, and writing.

Within these core representations I have sought to confront the methodological and theoretical paradox affecting performance makers electing to recontextualise their work beyond live processes. How might the absence or disappearance of a so-called live work contribute to the overall design and representational practices underlying the outcomes? In this sense the three pathways that comprise Indelible generate a complex network of artistic, scholarly, poetic, and methodological layerings or enfoldings in which the user-reader is presented with possibilities for experiencing the vital subjectivity and inherent fallibility of memory and remembering.

Thus, the digital artistic-scholarly outcomes are part of a fragmented mnemonic assemblage in which memories, recollections and images are experienced, forgotten, adjusted through context, re-mapped and re-timed. Memory becomes a metaphor inhabiting these digital performances, which in turn comprise an affective space - in their conception, execution, dissemination and underlying philosophies. Indelible insists on and inhabits duration. It has not been my role or desire to engender the capacity to remember an event, or action, or date. Rather the project outcomes or artefacts exist as part of an ongoing process centred on the doing and performativity of memory. The materials revel in a series of interpenetrating and ongoing actions and activities - writing, interactive and video - that together embrace the tacit, the un/spoken, the imaged, the imagined, and the weaving of our memories.

Simon Ellis, May 2005.