Simon Ellis is a New Zealand artist working in the UK and Australia. This site documents his artistic work which spans live performance and dance, screen, web-based work, DVD-video and ROM, installation, and writing.

Soon or recently been

  • 14.04.14 » Recovery project coming back to life in Melbourne
  • 07.04.14 » Continued development of untitled project about love with Bagryana Popov and Shannon Bott, Melbourne
  • 27.03.14 » Performance of a version of new work A Separation at Lilian Baylis Studio as part of Eva Recacha's Wild Card
  • 04.02.14 » Presentation about collaboration and practice-as-research at CaDRE, University of Wolverhampton
  • 25.01.14 » Performance of Because We Care at Nightingale Theatre in Brighton
  • 02.09.13 » Continue development of collaboration with Chisato Ohno
  • 05.08.13 » New collaboration with Eva Recacha
  • 22.07.13 » Stage 1 development of new project with Colin Poole (Colin, Simon & I) as part of Choreodrome at The Place
  • 28.06.13 » Improvisation intensive with Kirstie Simson et al at Cassina Settarte in Puglia
  • 20.06.13 » Awarded Arts Council England Artists’ international development fund to travel to Bassano del Grappa in October
  • 16.06.13 » Involved as assistant in development of new project for Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas in Bassano del Grappa
  • 07.04.13 » Research leave based in San Francisco, starting project with Lil Boyce
  • 29.03.13 » Present Lorado Taft Lectureship on Art at University of Illinois, titled Improvisation and the politics of desire