Image of Liz Jones by Cobie Orger

Image of Liz Jones courtesy of Cobie Orger

“All our will, our wishes, our hope cannot stop this.”

Anamnesis is a screendance project by Cormac Lally (videography/editing), David Corbet (sound), Bagryana Popov (choreography, dramaturgy) and Simon Ellis (direction, performance).

The film visits the volatility of memory within the mind of an elderly woman. It is available for viewing online at

Anamnesis’s festival première was on 26 November 2009 in Lisbon Portugal at the InShadow – International Festival of Video, Performance and Technology. It was awarded the School Jury prize for Best Film.

Previous screenings have occurred at Videodansa Barcelona International Prize in January 2011, danša em foco in Rio De Janeiro in December 2010, moves10 in Liverpool on 21 April 2010, in Puebla, Mexico as part of agite y sirva International Festival of Videodance (12 March 2010) and as part of InShadow's extension programme: Aveiro in Studio Performas (29 and 30 April 2010) and Set˙bal Festival Sadinas Short Film (8 and 9 May 2010). Anamnesis had its US première at ADF Dancing for Camera in Durham North Carolina in June 2010.

An early edit of Anamnesis premiered at Horse Bazaar, Melbourne on 27 January 2009, and a more completed version screened at the Journal of Media Practice Symposium in Brighton on 13 July 2009, and at Roehampton University in London on 26 November 2009.

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Anamnesis has been assisted by the Australian Government through Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory board.